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New App Will Curb Food Waste from Next Week’s DNC

A new app designed to curb food waste is set to launch in Philadelphia, in hopes of redistributing food waste from next week’s Democratic National Convention. Food Connect helps restaurants, caterers, and event venues coordinate the donation of any excess food, CBS Philly reports.

Megha Kulshreshtha, a real estate investor in Philadelphia, created the Food Connect app to facilitate connections between places in need of food, like food banks and pantries, with businesses that have surplus food that would otherwise get thrown away.

The launch is timed with the convention to help "restaurants, catering companies, and venue halls to donate their surplus food," according to Food Connect's website. Businesses and venues can register with the app to schedule a pickup, and volunteer drivers will arrive and deliver the extra food to the pantries. The donations are tax deductible and the app is available on both Apple and Android products.

To be clear, this is not so much about donating Hillary Clinton's leftover plate of cheesecake as it is about not tossing perfectly edible food that does not get served to attendees, either because it was ordered in excess or because it simply was not consumed.

Restaurants in Philadelphia anticipate a massive influx of people for the convention and have spent months preparing for the special events, parties, and space buyouts, while also trying to consider regular day-to-day customers. Meanwhile, Starr Catering Group is set to feed delegates at the convention center; will Colbert and his livecam make an appearance? We can only hope.

Food Connect has also partnered with anti-hunger organizations around the city to form Operation Food Rescue, which will be out in full force next week to handle any food waste. Food Connect will remain operational in Philly after the convention.

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