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Food Connect creates a new standard for collaborating

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Food Connect creates a new standard for collaborating – Bridging the gap between food scarcity and abundance with new technologies that connect rather than compete.

Food Connect operates a tech platform that organizes and aggregates hunger relief efforts. Food Connect leverages smart technology 24/7 to pool resources and make hunger relief efficient. Food partners, food rescue apps/organizations, food recipients, volunteers, and other transport mediums are able to quickly log in to connect to a larger network of food waste resources in real-time. Food Connect delivers over 20,000 meals a month in real-time, at 400+ deliveries a week.

Food insecurity is more pervasive than ever among households throughout the Bay Area as the prevalence of food insecurity has left many individuals and families struggling to obtain reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritional food.

Through the Food Connect app, key program components include the ability to provide food to food vendors, food rescue organizations, or restaurants by inputting a pickup location, necessary vehicle size, and timeframe for food pick-up. Food Connect receives the information and matches the donation to a local shelter/home by finding a local driver (volunteer, full time, or on-demand – e.g. DoorDash). Drivers are able to utilize the transport system from across organizations and platforms. Food Connect also receives food, matching food with the recipient (individual or organization), tracking the meal delivery and transportation of food rapidly in order to address needs.

Food Connect will partner with several organizations throughout the Bay Area to train volunteers, manage logistics, and execute meal deliveries to marginalized families in need of dependable and nutritious meals. Since March, Food Connect quickly mobilized and has delivered over 250K meals to those in need. Their year-one scale potential is 200,000 meals delivered to Bay Area families.

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