How to host a food drive this holiday season

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The holiday season this year will be very different, but the need for food among the vulnerable population has not changed.  One way to help those in need would be to host a food drive or to sponsor meals.  

Host a Food Drive:

  1. Invite friends and family to donate non-perishable food items (more guidelines here)
  2. Make sure to follow contactless / COVID-19 safety guidelines when gathering your donations
  3. Identify a preferred organization or we can help to identify an organization for the donated food
  4. Once you reach over 50 lbs, schedule your Food Connect pick-up here or through our app.  
  5. Food Connect will pick-up the food at your donation point at a time that is convenient for you and will then deliver it to the organization of your choosing

Become a Meal Sponsor:

Sponsor meals or household boxes for community organizations that have indicated a need, sign-up here.