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Donate your food surplus to those in need, we’ll handle recipients

Donate food

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Schedule pick up, dropoff, and timeframes and will handle the rest

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Take your hunger relief program to the next level

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Have immediate access to scale your reach anywhere in the US


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Have immediate access to scale your reach anywhere in the US

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Reviews from partners


Lankenau Medical Center

"Through the generosity of Food Connect, we are able to deliver fresh food and produce to address the food insecurity and chronic disease management needs of our patients, who would otherwise lack access to fresh food in their daily lives."


Maureen Krouse

Manager at Community Health and Equity


SF New Deal

"It's been a joy working with Food Connect! Their dispatch, drivers, and support team are responsive, kind & thorough, and their services have enabled our team to manage & minimize food waste in our daily operations."


Sarah Morris

Director of Client Services & Call Center


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Food Connect is the reason CHOP’s Food Pharmacy was able to not only maintain Food Pharmacy operations during the onset of COVID, but helped us expand our programming allowing us to reach more families. Due to Food Connect's ability to bring food directly to our families and communicate with our recipients, we are able to individualize each family’s experience to meet their specific needs while maintaining consistent internal operations. Food Connects flexibility and personalized attention has been the key to the growth of CHOP’s Food Pharmacy.”


Abbe Stern

Food Pharmacy Manager, Healthier Together


18 Reasons

"Working with Food Connect has enabled us to deliver healthy ingredients to diabetic patients all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Food Connect is communicative and collaborative and works hard to ensure that both our needs as an organization and the needs of our participants are met. Our participants appreciate the text message notification system that Food Connect uses. Thank you Food Connect for all you do in supporting the work of 18 Reasons - enabling our community with the confidence and creativity to buy, cook, and eat good food every day! "


Francesca Boulton

Community Programs Director

Making a measurable impact

We focus on the hunger metrics that matter most. Through data analysis and technology, we identify the highest impact areas, and build for scale.


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Increase in food donations when our partners work with us


Reported savings per week from meal sities

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We empower community organizations to feed the most vulnerable populations experiencing food insecurity and provide increased access to healthy foods.

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Focused on food equity, fueled by logistics excellence

Every meal matters therefore every delivery matters. It shows in our 99.5% delivery success rate.

On-demand reporting and tracking makes your impact visible.

Our robust program management support allows partners to scale easily.

Collaborative non-profit funding is provided as needed.

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