PHS 2021 Harvest

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This Spring season, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Food Connect are excited to join forces and reintroduce the PHS Harvest initiative in a collaboration to fight food insecurity in the Greater Philadelphia region. PHS uses horticulture to advance health and well-being throughout the region, supported by a diverse community of supporters, volunteers, and gardeners. Through PHS Harvest, PHS provides the education and resources needed for neighbors to join together to become more self-reliant in growing and sharing their own harvests. In 2020, PHS was able to help donate 500 pounds of fresh grown produce to local shelters in need.

At Food Connect, we are excited to partner again with the PHS team to help find a home for excess produce when gardens have surplus.  As a part of the program, community gardens allocate part of their planting space for produce donations and individual gardeners donate excess produce. Food Connect will match and deliver freshly grown local produce to local shelters and organizations that provide meals to the hungry within the Philadelphia region. It’s truly a garden to table partnership that aims to nourish our community.    

For more information about how you can get involved in the PHS Harvest you can visit this link.

If you are a gardener looking to donate locally grown produce, you can learn more here.