How can you fight food waste this Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, family… and unfortunately food waste. With many people hosting much smaller events for the holiday this year, here are a few helpful hints for planning the right amount of food:

When buying a turkey, buy no more than 1 and 1/2 pounds per guest. If you have a smaller group, consider buying only a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. As an added bonus, a turkey breast is much easier to carve!

Keep in mind that not every guest will eat a whole helping of every side. Cranberry sauce is loved by many, but not by all.

Try cutting your grandma’s recipe in half. Chances are your mamaw’s feelings won’t be hurt, and half the recipe may make more than enough stuffing to stuff everyone at the table.

If your guests are bringing food, plan the menu with them. No one wants to be the third person to show up to dinner holding a pumpkin pie.

If you just can’t bear the thought of anything less than a mountain of mashed potatoes on the table, then plan ahead by leaving space in the fridge for leftovers and buying fewer groceries for the week!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Food Connect!