Highlighting Community Superhero: Congregation Rodeph Shalom

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Founded in Philadelphia, Food Connect is no stranger to being surrounded and inspired by history.  This week we are highlighting a community superhero first founded in 1795, Congregation Rodeph Shalom.  The Congregation’s mission is “to create profound connections” and it is clear in the Breaking Bread on Broad Program which is a part of the social justice work under the leadership of Rabbi Eli Freedman.

Like many community organizations, once bustling meeting spaces at the Congregation Rodeph Shalom are now quiet.  Instead, areas have been converted to help mobilize and distribute critical resources including food, diapers, and feminine hygiene supplies to those in need.  Those at the organization call feeding the community, “sacred” work.  This work has stretched to support a widely diverse religious and ethnic community of families with food and other life sustaining resources. Notably, the organization has provided weekly meals to nearly 90 families (approximately 360 individuals) since early July.    

We at Food Connect are proud to help do our part in delivering critical meals and applaud inspiring front line organizations like Congregation Rodeph Shalom that help feed the hungry and connect profoundly with the community.

If you’re interested in helping you can visit Breaking Bread on Broad here or volunteer with Food Connect to deliver donated food here.