Our story

At Food Connect, our mission is simple: to bridge the gap between surplus food and hunger.

At the beginning

The world's food supply produces enough food to feed the global population 1.5x over.  If supply isn't an issue, then why do so many millions of people go hungry every day?  

In 2014, Food Connect was founded to answer this question. We began rescuing excess food from local restaurants and food vendors, and delivered them to community organizations in need. What started as a weekend passion project by Megha Kulshreshtha is now a national hunger relief logistics solution.

What we've learned

For hunger relief, there is no one-size-fits all solution.  We must meet our partners where they are, and find solutions that fit the needs of the organization and the individuals they serve.

Customized solutions

One size does not fit all in hunger relief.

Collaboration is the key

We aim to support the hunger relief network that is in place.

We are always learning

We aim to understand and learn, in order to better serve our community.

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At our core

Our partners are family
Every delivery
Every meal matters


Together we can
solve hunger
Listening is at the core of how we serve